Inspections Of Car Parks

There are still a number of multi-storey car parks in the UK that are built predominantly from concrete so it is important that these are structurally safe.multi storey car park

During the plight of these multi-storey car parks being erected during the 1960’s and 1970’s there was no subjected documented inspection regime unlike the bridges which need to be inspected regularly.

These car parks are now beginning to show signs of age and have fallen into despair. The deterioration of these buildings could be dangerous to people and vehicles due to their structural failure.

The inspection regime is very important in the safety and maintenance of the bridges and structures similar to multi-storey car parks should be exactly the same. Car parks are equally as used as bridges so they should receive the same treatment and inspections.

By creating formal regimes for these structures it will be easy to maintain them and give them less exposure to structural damage and cracks forming. The British Parking Association (BPA) has called for the introduction of a BPAregime to do exactly this which will help to improve the parking facilities and ensure that they are safe for its users.

If you know of a car park or similar structure that needs attention because of cracks you have found and feel these could become unsafe then ensure you contact concrete repair contractors.