How To Fix Cracked Concrete

cracked concreteFixing and filling cracks in concrete is a job that should be left for professionals concrete repair specialists. They have the experience, the knowledge and technical expertise on how to get the job done without causing any irreparable damage to your house.

However if you are comfortable around tools and good at following instructions, this post will outline quick and easy steps to fix any cracks that you might have in your home be it a wall or the floor.

First thing is first; the surface must be cleaned. A pressure washer works best however you can also use a hose or spray bottle. Next step is to clean out the cracks and make sure no debris is left behind. Use a vacuum to clean the insides of the cracks. Brush off any standing water.

Cracks are normally sealed through grout. Pour the grout from the container over the cracks. Be extremely careful how to apply it on the surface. The grout should only be enough to cover the cracks.

hammer-and-chiselIf the cracks happen to be more than half an inch in diameter, use a hammer and chisel it out the crack so that it is wider inside, below the surface.  This is will ensure that the patching material you apply will not pour out during extreme temperatures; this is very important. Most people simply do not know this and think that as long as the cracks are filled, they will stay that way. However the fact is that extreme weather stretches the grout and forces it to pop out of the cracks. Expert concrete repair specialists would know this.

You will need vinyl concrete patcher. Mix it with water as directed and then apply the material into the crack with a trowel. Be sure to allow each layer you apply to dry off before reapplying.

Use a broom or brush to finish and texture the surface so that it matches the surrounding area. Steel trowels are great for this purpose. The best way to do it is to hold it flat and then apply a swirling motion to ensure a smooth polished surface.

These are just some tips that may help you correct any cracks on your own but it is highly recommended that you consult with a concrete repair specialist in your area before taking matters into your own hands. Some companies will even come out to inspect the problem before, giving you a quote or any advice moving forward.