Concrete Renovation In Action

logo2012 was a busy year for Concrete Renovations. We were involved in some very high-profile projects which is obviously great for business but we also pride ourselves in working with local communities too.

We will talk about one of the projects that we completed for a local school. The school approached us in regards to three disabled access ramps on their property that had an unsuitable finish. Apparently the contactor they contacted before us did not do a very good job.

In fact, due to a communications break down and conflict of interest, they abandoned the project halfway through, left unfinished. They were left with 3 unfinished concrete ramps with the school term about to start in less than 2 weeks.

This is where Concrete Renovations came in. Our concrete repair experts thoroughly surveyed the area and came up with a three step approach to tackling the problem and finish the job, quickly and correctly.

SikaTop77D_300First and foremost, the concrete surface needed to be scaled down a bit so that we had sufficient space to apply the new material on top. We managed to scale the concrete down a little over 6mm which was deemed satisfactory by our engineers. Next, we resurfaced the concrete using a Sikatop 77. For those who do not know what this is, it is a high performance heavy duty screed commonly used for resurfacing. The last step was to make the surface non-slip which took no time at all.

The job was completely finished within three days which was convenient for the school as the school term was close to beginning. This was not only an important project to us and the school but more importantly for the safety of the children.